Sunday, July 10, 2011

Character Building for Book Two

Part of the fun of book two, The Price of Deception, is the opportunity to develop characters. As you know, Suzette was the main focus in book one, The Price of Innocence. The story focused on her struggle for survival. Book two, however, is going to be Robert's story and his search for truth and love. There will be further character development with his wife, Lady Jacquelyn Spencer, along with Philippe Moreau, Suzette's husband. I thought I'd give you a quick peek into each of their characters and my thoughts for where I will take their lives.

Robert, of course, is a man of remorse. He did at the bidding of Philippe's demands what was honorable. He gave up Suzette as his mistress, but realized upon her departure how much she meant to him. Once gone, he ached for the woman he loved, but found himself trapped in marriage.

His father has passed away, and the duties and responsibilities of Dukedom have passed onto his shoulders. The life of obligation he shunned earlier has now forced him to put away his roguish ways. In doing so, a part of him regrets having wasted his earlier years on frivolous pursuits, because he missed the opportunity to find a wife on his own terms. Instead, he accepted his parents' wishes to marry Lady Jacquelyn Spencer and is quite miserable in the match with a woman he finds cold in bed and overly emotional.

I'm looking forward to developing Robert further in book two. He will be the protagonist in the story, as I focus upon his life and the surprising outcome of his search for love and truth. Has he changed much as far as sharing the bed of prostitutes? Perhaps in London, but when he visits Paris, an old acquaintance will be the one to bring him comfort in times of need until a shocking discovery comes his way. He lives with the knowledge that he has lost everything, but when he finds out it's a web of deception that is keeping him from everything he wishes for in life, he goes through a drastic change.

Lady Jacquelyn Spencer was lightly touched upon in book one. However, her character in book two will be much more involved and a key element to moving the story ahead into the third book in the series.

Jacquelyn is a woman of deep despair. She has become a Duchess and wife to Robert, who she knows only married her for convenience. Like any woman, she hoped for love, but their personalities are far different and her moods are often unpredictable. She suffers from mental anguish over the fact that she is unloved and her womb has been barren for five years. Robert wishes for an heir, but she cannot become pregnant. She longs for a child herself and is obsessed with the desire to have children. However, each month her menses return, it drags her deeper into a pit of hopelessness.

As the story progresses, she'll play out a key role setting the stage for what is to transpire in the years ahead. The old adage, "there is no fury like a woman scorned" will take on life through Jacquelyn. It will be interesting to see how she touches readers as a character. Will she be pitied or despised? Every story needs conflict, and this woman is going to be the source of it. She is quite beautiful in appearance outwardly, but inwardly her pain has turned her into an undesirable woman in Robert's eyes.

Philippe Moreau, of course, is the man of honor who married Suzette. You'll learn more of Philippe and his five-year marriage with the woman who he believes he rescued from the hand of a despicable rouge.

Though he grants to Suzette unconditional love in spite of what occurred in the past and the child she bore Robert, Philippe nurses within him a hatred toward the Duke. He deems him his rival for her deep affections that linger. Even though Suzette never articulates them, it's obvious they are very much a part of her heart. How could they not be? The resemblance that five-year old little Robert carries of his real father is uncanny. Philippe has accepted the child as his own and is determined to keep him and Suzette hidden from Robert at all costs. He is a good father to the boy, and little Robert has bonded to Philippe as the only father he knows in life.

Unfortunately, life has a way of ruining our best intentions, and a chance meeting with his nemesis puts his plans to the test setting a course of change for all involved.

In addition to Philippe's struggles to keep his marriage together, he'll be faced with difficult problems in his shipping business. At the door of bankruptcy, he fears he will lose everything, and you'll watch him struggle to keep his livelihood afloat. He despairs as the threat of loss raises old fears within Suzette of homelessness once again.

What of little Robert? Well, certain personality quirks in his tiny life will be played upon that will carry the story into the future in book three. What's in store for book three? Sorry, my lips are sealed. The pictures on the cover are a clue, but at this point I can assure you until you read book two, you'll have no clue.

Other former characters will make cameo appearances once again too, such as Nadine and Madame Laurent. Also, Robert's Dowager mother will be in the picture a bit too, as well as his sister.

The story will be filled with deception on everyone's part, which will lead to a shocking conclusion rearranging lives in the mix. I hope you'll enjoy what's ahead! Of course, whether Robert and Suzette finally get together again in the end is up to my fingertips that choose the letters on my keyboard. You'll just have to wait to find out! I suppose, however, if I know what's best for me, I better work toward that end.



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