Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's Party Time! Paperback is Out!

Finally, after a long wait, The Price of Deception is now available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Soon, it will be worldwide on other sites like Book Depository and many others. (Follow links above.)

Thanks once again to my beta readers, editor, cover designer, readers, and friends who continue to encourage me. Now, I'll be pestered for Book Three!

At the present time, I'm working on Radcliffe, but no doubt will work on The Price of Love, too.

If you're looking for a quick delivery turnaround on The Price of Innocence, please visit Barnes & Noble instead.

Also, thumbs up, agreeing with tags, and reviews are always helpful to any author, because your books come up more often in recommendations for purchases while readers surf certain genres. If you feel inclined, your thumb, clicks, and reviews are welcome, and I promise, are most appreciated.

For my United States readers, have a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

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