Sunday, August 25, 2013

Komtesse Angelique Jolene von Lamberg

As an author, I've been accused of writing characters that irritate people. Reviewers are probably right.  I think it is quite obvious, from those who have read my books, that I do not sugar coat reality or emotions when I create stories.  

My characters are created with both good and bad qualities for a purpose.  It sets the theme of the book, gives them conflict and challenges to face, and ends with resolutions that often border on forgiveness, restoration, or love. I'm not the cookie-cutter romance author.  It's the reason I remain an independent author, so I can step away from the expectations of agents and publishers as to what is acceptable and create something unique.

The Price of Love is no exception.

Let me preface this post by letting my readers know ahead of time that there is no romance in this book.  Zero. Zip. Nada. Nothing. There is one stolen kiss in a scene and that's it.  The temptation to fall in love exists. The book will be categorized as family saga/general fiction.  Is there any love in it?  Yes, but a different kind.  It's the love of family. 

As I read through the text again for the third time, I think readers will find some enduring qualities about Angelique and also some irksome qualities that ruffle feathers.  Listen folks, no one is perfect.  Neither are the people I create.  She is on a journey in this book to discover her heritage.  For the past eighteen years she has been reared by an Austrian count and instilled with morals, rigid views, and responsibility.  She is confident, unyielding, judgmental, and opinionated (almost like her biological father she doesn't know). Angelique (who goes by the name of Jolene throughout the book) does have endearing qualities, too, which may not always be evident until the final chapters of the story.

The Duke, Suzette, and their son Robert will also come back, along with Marguerite (the Duke's sister, her husband and son).  They are really secondary characters in this story, as it heavily relies on Jolene who drives the entire novel to its conclusion.

I have this urge to take off the book's cover Legacy's Conclusion, because the ending is a doorway into another story that could turn into romance for one of three people.  Why do I think this family saga will continue?  Perhaps it's because my imaginary characters are poking at me while I work on book three.  I'm not promising anything, but it's a possibility.

Well, back to editing.  It's coming.  Eventually.

All my best,