Sunday, July 20, 2014

Need Something to Read?

While you are waiting for book four of The Legacy Series to be finished (see word count off to the right - currently starting Chapter 10), you might be interested in my new endeavor! 

I'm dipping my keyboard into romantic suspense (Victorian era) under the pen-name of Nora Covington. Follow the link below to check out the current release and the new set of novellas coming your way. It's "Romance With a Kiss of Suspense."

The first book in the series was released on July 5th (Thorncroft Manor), and I'm working on the second novella (Whitefield Hall) in a set of six coming your way.  If you want to know why Nora, please read the "About" me tab at my website to explain my reasoning behind the pen name.  In the meantime, these new short releases will hopefully keep you entertained while I'm working on The Price of Passion.

Stately homes, mysterious characters,  and suspenseful romance set in Victorian England

Available Now - Thorncroft Manor

Caroline Woodard was convinced that she would die a spinster. Her headstrong personality was not her best quality, or an attractive female characteristic to eligible Englishmen. 

Upon her cousin's invitation to be her maid of honor, she travels to Pendeen, a small village on the Cornwall coast of England. Soon after her arrival, Caroline is introduced to Bramwell Croft, who will be the best man. Even though he is a wealthy owner of a tin mine, Caroline finds him to be a brooding and disagreeable man. Instantly, their personalities clash like the tempestuous sea that pounds the rocky coastline. 

When she is forced to spend more time at Thorncroft than she would like, she finds herself strangely intrigued and attracted to the gloomy lord of the manor. However, as time goes by, Caroline cannot help but wonder if she will be his next victim of seduction or perhaps murder. 

"Romance With a Kiss of Suspense" - Novella (Approx. 38,000 words) - Thorncroft Manor is the first in a set of six individual novellas placed in stately English homes, with mysterious characters and suspenseful romance, during the Victorian era.  

Thanks to Period Images for the great models posing for historical romance.

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