Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Draft The Price of Deception Completed

I'm happy to report that the first draft of The Price of Deception is completed. Right now I'm at 78,000 plus words and 29 chapters. That is subject to change, of course, as I put more meat on the bones of the story.

It always feels great to get to this point. Writing for me is easy, but now the real work starts in reviewing, checking for consistency, revising, and polishing the product before release. I do have a group of beta readers who are going to devour it in a test run after I'm through tweaking the first draft. Afterward, I'll take the constructive criticism, mull it over, make a few more changes, if necessary, and then will send it to an editor for proofing and grammar revisions. At this point, I'm targeting an October/November release.

What has been interesting about this journey, is that book three, The Price of Love, is flooding my brain with plots, scenes, and characters. Part of the reason, no doubt, is that I'm heavily immersed in the current book, so you cannot help but have some foresight for the future of your characters and their outcome mulling around in your head.

I am thankful the inspiration is coming, but it can get a bit annoying when you're trying to finish one book before starting another. I'm back to jotting down notes and writing scenes on the run, whenever the muse taps me on the shoulder. I just wish it wouldn't happen at work, in the shower, driving a car, or on the . . . well, you know.

Once you finish The Price of Deception, you'll have a very clear vision where book three will take the journey. Book two is set five years after the close of book one. Book three will pick up 12 years later.

When I first began book one as my debut novel, I really hadn't planned on this turning out to be a series, until I left the cliffhanger at the end and readers began threatening bodily harm. Right now, I'm very glad they did, because I'm excited to turn this story into a family saga. Now, if I could just get it sold as a series to BBC, I'd die a happy woman. Well, I can dream, can't I?

"Gentlemen, choose your weapon!"

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