Thursday, July 11, 2013


Just writing, writing, writing. Pounding keys.

I'm developing Angelique (who you'll know as Jolene); deciding if I really want a love interest for her; fleshing out young Robert's character; and many other things in the plot.

The book is heavily focused on her life and those in her inner circle as she searches for her identity in London and Paris. Robert, Suzette, Philippe are more secondary characters, but definitely still very much a part of the discovery as the story progresses. It will be an interesting conclusion!!! Just wait to see how she does it!

The little kidnapped baby has grown into a very bold and opinionated woman, especially about her dysfunctional family...after all, she is a Countess! Questions to think about: 

  • How is her identity revealed to her?
  • Who will find out first who she is?
  • How will she feel about her mother when they first meet? 
  • Will she get along with her half-brother, Robert?
  • Do you think she'll respect His Grace, the Duke, after breaking up her parent's marriage? 
  • Will she be able to find Philippe in Paris? Will he even be alive? 
  • How will she reveal the truth to her family what she knows and they do not?
  • Will she love them or blame them for what happened to her?

You'll just have to wait to find out. Remember, it is The Price of Love.

I should be at 60,000 words by this weekend. My goal for this series has always been about 80,000 per book.

Let me add, that I've been adding quite a bit of the English lifestyle in the Downton Abbey fashion doing research such as the dining experience among the wealthy. One article I found had a wealth of information about the entire dining experience. It's a new era, with new fashions, motorcars, and changing social attitudes. 

Maybe in the days ahead, I'll post a few "draft scenes" to tease you some more.

My best, Vicki