Thursday, June 27, 2013

Update on "The Price of Love" Release

I know it's been a while since I've posted, which really hasn't stopped the questions on Facebook, Blogger, or via email - when will The Price of Love  be released?

Finally, after months and months of struggling with this book, my muse (if there is such a thing) has returned to haunt my mind day and night.  I'm about half way through writing the book.

I didn't want to pursue writing this third book by force, and if you're an author you'll understand why.  When you struggle for inspiration, I don't think the end product is worth publishing. In addition, I know there are very high expectations on how this story turns out!  However, if the tale comes from your heart and you are moved by words and scenes in your mind, then it has a chance of being a decent read.  I owe that to you, my readers, to give you a conclusion that is worth the wait.

I'll keep you updated as things progress.  Should there be no more unforeseen life circumstances to prevent my pace (which have been many in the past year), I should have it out in the next two-three months.

Thank you for your patience and love of the series.