Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Price of Innocence - Free This Weekend

The Price of Innocence is free on Kindle this weekend for only two days - Saturday, July 28th and July 29th. I have another three days that I will probably put it up again sometime in August.

I continue to get quite a few reviews on this book. A lot are on Goodreads and Amazon. The same emotions are polarized on both sites - love it or throw it against the wall. One comment that seems to be repeated from some readers is the character I developed in Suzette Rousseau. Many women think she's weak-willed, and they don't like that type of heroine. Others don't like how Robert treats her either. At least, the book elicits a reaction. Whether that be good or bad, I've done my job.

Suzette's personality was created for a reason. In 1870 strong-willed women weren't exactly filled with rights and privileges that we have today. I think that many equate how they think she should act based upon a modern day woman in the 21st century. I made her weak for a purpose, because I wanted to take her through circumstances that were out of her control and make her face difficult decisions. It was the story I had planned on telling, and the price she paid.

It may anger some readers, but others seem to like the reality of her situation. I also find that reviews from people in the UK or Europe are more favorable than the US, and I wonder if that's a cultural reaction about how different cultures view life. It's been an interesting study on reader reaction besides writing the book itself.

In any event, it's FREE for the weekend to Kindle readers.

Thanks for your support,