Monday, March 17, 2014

The Price of Deception Audiobook Released

I'm happy to report that The Price of Deception audiobook has been released.  It is currently available on, Amazon, and iTunes.

Yes, iTunes!  Where is the print version of The Price of Deception on iTunes?  It's still not loaded, and I have no idea why.  If it doesn't go up by April 1, I'll contact my distributor again.  Can you believe the book was sent to them November 30th?  I'm so, so sorry for the delay.  If you can't wait for the eBook, you can listen to the audio.

Once again, I was blessed with Steve Marvel's wonderful narration.  

Below are the links:




Okay, next to be recorded - The Price of Love.  Hopefully, I'll have that one out by mid-June.

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