Thursday, November 3, 2011

Off To The Press

The Price of Deception is off to the presses at Lightning Source. I'm hoping it will be available for purchase in the next two weeks.

The Kindle version and other eBook formats have been selling and feedback is slowly trickling back to me via word of mouth and through one Amazon review. So far, so good. People are pleased with the story and somewhat shocking ending. Whew! It's such a nerve-racking experience releasing a book.

The Price of Innocence is currently lagging in availability on Amazon. If you want to know why, please click HERE and read the current tactics of Amazon. I'll be dealing with the problem in the next few weeks. If you wish to purchase book one, then I encourage you to visit Barnes & Noble or Book Depository, who can give you a quicker turnaround of that volume.

Other than that, I'll be posting some tidbits in the next few weeks about some of the topics I researched for The Price of Deception for your reading enjoyment. Periodically, I'll be working on book three, The Price of Love, tying up the loose ends of the story.

Other projects I have in the burner include my first paranormal romance, Radcliffe. Visit the website by CLICKING HERE for more information on that goodie. I've also created a blog to pen my journey on the dark side. You can find a link to the blog HERE.

That is all the news for now! Thank you to my faithful readers and those who enjoy my stories. I cherish you all, for without you, I'd be home doing crossword puzzles rather than creating worlds.

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