Saturday, November 19, 2011

Welcome! I've Released the Print

For all of my former subscribers over on WordPress, welcome! As you can see, I have migrated the entire blog to Google Blogger. Why? Exposure and rankings. For years I have blogged on this platform but thought I would try WordPress. Unfortunately, I just don't receive the desired traffic on that site, so I've returned back to my roots. I hope you enjoy! Feel free to subscribe via email as you have in the past. In addition, I'll be moving over some of the comments too, but most of the site is complete.

Now, for the news. Yesterday, I hit the release button on Lightning Source, my print-on-demand printer, to distribute The Price of Deception. I received the proof last week and painstakingly read through it one more time finding a few things that needed correcting. However, I'm happy to report the correct manuscript was uploaded and the release button checked. You should see it slowly appear on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other books sites. I'll publish updates and links as they go up one by one.

I'm very thankful the process has ended. It's been a long one. When I finished reposting all of my previous articles here, I noted that I finished the first draft back in August. It's taken almost three months of edits and manuscript tweaking to get here! However, I truly hope you enjoy! Below are a few of the comments going up on The Price of Deception already, plus a link to the prologue of the book to whet your appetite.

A special thank you to all of my friends, beta readers, cover designer, and editor for their help in this release. Without you, I wouldn't be here. Now it's time to write another. Otherwise, my brain gets no peace.

"I am completely obsessed and can't put your book down. It's amazing!!!!!"

"The Price of Deception grabs you from the first page and never lets go as the characters come back together for a heartfelt novel full of twists and turns that keeps you guessing!"

"As a huge fan of The Price of Innocence, I knew the author had a huge task ahead of her when it came to creating a sequel that would meet my expectations. However, Vicki Hopkins has not only met my expectations.. but exceeded them!"


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