The Price of Deception

Amazon Best Seller May - June 2012 Historical Fiction
Movers & Shakers List May 2012 for Most Sales

Five years later, the story of Robert, Suzette, and Philippe continue, as each of them struggle with the consequences of their past decisions. Robert, now bound to a life of duty as the Duke of Surrey, struggles to find happiness in a loveless marriage. His life is filled with regrets over the loss of Suzette, whose love and comfort he cannot forget.

Jacquelyn Spencer, now Duchess Holland, grieves over her barren womb and distrusts the roaming heart of her husband. Unloved and unwanted, Jacquelyn spirals into an pit of deep despair leading to a shocking outcome.

Suzette, spirited off by her former fiance under a ruse of lies, has given birth to Robert's son. She has settled into a life of acceptance, comforted over the loss of Robert by the very presence of his off spring who looks so much like him. She accepts the outcome of her affair, but never forgets the man who took her virginity and rescued her from a life of degradation.

Philippe is content that he has won Suzette back from the hands of the rogue he despises, who used her only for her flesh. He has accepted little Robert as his own son, and struggles to make ends meet in his new shipping business. When a chance meeting between himself and his rival for Suzette's affections occurs, it turns everyone's life upside down in a web of lies and deceit that tangle relationships to the breaking point.