Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Immortalizing My Family - Holland

On Facebook today I paid tribute to my mother. It would have been her birthday - September 21, 1912. She died, however, February 1, 2000. Her maiden name was Nora Ethel Holland.

It never dawned on me since I've started this blog that perhaps many of you don't know the background of the names chosen in my book or that my publishing company is named after the legacy of my family name - HOLLAND. The crest shown in this post, is the Holland crest, though I have seen similar variations elsewhere. Researching the origin of the name in England has been a fascinating study.

My immediate family did not come from nobility (though I love to fantasize they did). They were simple people - bricklayers, brick makers, and builders by trade. I've been very fortunate over the years to trace my roots back to 1792 researching information on the Internet. The majority of our family lived in Leyland/Salford/Manchester, UK. Through my search, I've discovered Holland relatives that are spread throughout the world from Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, Canada, UK, and the US. We're everywhere, all from the line of three brothers: Henry, Thomas, and Robert, all of which had plenty of children (thanks to the absence of birth control), who now have children and grandchildren.

What names are in the Legacy series that belong to some of my relatives?
  1. Robert Holland was my grandfather's name, who named one of his sons, Robert Holland (my uncle). Robert Holland was my great uncle's name, who named one of his sons Robert Holland.

  2. Mary Holland (Robert's mother in the series) was my grandmother's name.

  3. Thomas Holland (a name you'll see in the second book) was my great grandfather's name.

  4. Nora Holland, my mother.
Because Holland is the main character in the Legacy series, my publishing company is also named Holland Legacy Publishing, in honor of my family and my cherished English ancestry.

So today, on my mother's birthday, I'd like to honor her and the legacy of the Holland name! My close Holland cousins got a real kick out of me using our grandfather's name and that of my uncle. I was pleased to do so. I loved them all and have always been fascinated with my heritage. It's who I am .

(Hopkins by the way, is my former married name. I have no "Hopkins" in my blood. Tkacz is my maiden name. My father's heritage is Ukraine, which at the time was part of the Austrian empire. I've often toyed with the idea of changing my name to Vicki Holland. There may still be time!)

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