Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Writer's Digest Critique of The Price of Innocence

Last year I entered The Price of Innocence into the 19th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards. Winners were announced February 2012. Though I didn't make the top 10, I received a wonderful judge's commentary giving me the highest point available (5), which a contestant could score, in both plot and character development. I received a score of 4 for my design/cover, and 3 for grammar (point taken, even though I had it professionally edited). The judge's review followed:
This is a well-written researched story of iconic love, the first of a series of novels involving some of the same characters, which is set in late 19th century France and England. The characters and their relationships are clearly and credibly defined by their actions. The plot moves along at a steady pace, with interest sustained with each chapter. Some twists come along the way that add to the intricacies of the tale. The descriptions are apt and vivid. The scenes involving sex are integral to the story line, which has a brothel as a main area, and are not at all gratuitous. Overall, the book is a satisfying historical romance. (J. Strawser, Editor)
Needless to say, for my self-published debut novel, I was extremely grateful to receive such a critique from an editor associated with Writer's Digest.

For the next three months, the book has been placed in the KDP program on Amazon, and will not be available on other sites due to the exclusivity requirement. The Price of Innocence is currently free to Prime Members on Amazon through July.

It will be free for everyone from May 1 through May 5, 2012. The link is below.

Amazon - Kindle - The Price of Innocence

Also, I'm happy to report that my newest novel, Dark Persuasion, is tentatively scheduled for release as follows:
  • eBook (June/July)
  • Print (July/August)
  • Audio (September/October)
To follow the progress, please visit Dark Persuasion Blog.