Friday, February 21, 2014

The Price of Deception Audio Update

Today I had the opportunity to listen to the first six chapters of The Price of Deception, narrated by Steve Marvel.  You can find out about Steve on the popular website with his bio and previous and current acting performances.

I am very pleased with Steve's rendition of the characters.  It was a difficult decision whether to tell the story through a female or male's voice.  Since book one of the series is really Suzette's story and book two is more through the eyes of Robert, I decided on a male.  Steve's British accent is spot on, and Robert sounds like the typical aristocrat.  Jacquelyn is coming across as the mentally ill, obsessed woman I created her to be.  Suzette and Philippe are well done, too. 

As stated in my previous post, the final work is due March 9.  Then it's a matter of my listening to the book, asking for changes, if needed, and approving.  After I do so, it goes through a quality check, then heads to retail where it could take a few weeks to get up.  I'm thinking it will be for sale no later than April 1, but will keep you informed.

In the meantime, enjoy The Price of Innocence!