Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Price of Innocence Audio is Up for Sale

Well, I cannot contain my excitement.  The Price of Innocence has come alive due to the wonderful narration of Stevie Zimmerman and her talented portrayal of each of the characters.  Her rendition of Suzette was absolutely perfect.  The brothel scenes have come alive.  Hearing Madame Laurent, Nadine, and the other girls makes you feel like you're there in the Chabanais.  Lord Holland and the dashing Philippe are fantastic, too.  

I cannot say enough about Stevie's work on this audio.  She was prompt, communicative, and a pleasure to work with.  I'm hoping to get her to do The Price of Love and eventually The Price of Passion, if she can fit me into her busy schedule.

What's happening with The Price of Deception?  It's in production, but I haven't received any audio yet to review.  The finished book is due to me by March 9th for my evaluation.

In any event, I hope you enjoy The Price of Innocence.  Remember, setting up an account at is a breeze.  Your first book is free, and membership is only $14.95 per month.  You can cancel at any time.  There are numerous ways to download the audio on your phone, iPad, computer, etc.

So if you want to transport yourself back into 1870 and hear Suzette's story come to life, you can do so by clicking the icon below for  In the days ahead, you'll be able to purchase the audio on Amazon and iTunes, as well.

An extremely excited author....

The Price of Innocence Audio - Book One of the Legacy Series
The Price of Innocence Audio