Saturday, August 31, 2013

Another Update on The Price of Love

This morning I drove to Office Depot and had the book printed off (340 pages) for a grand total of $26.91.  Geesh!  That was expensive. My Epson printer at home would have gone through two ink cartridges, no doubt, costing me $48.  I guess I saved a few bucks.

To top it off, I had no highlighters around, so I went tromping off to look for one highlighter. How hard could that be since all the school supplies are out?  Purchasing one highlighter is an impossibility at this time of the year. They are bundled up for school in multi-highlighter packages. I ended up with a six-pack for $5.99.  Highway robbery.  Why can't I just buy one for a buck?  Well, I suppose I could look at this way, I have six highlighters I can use on six more books.

Next week, I'll be reading through the text on the printed page. I've stared too long at the book in MS Word format on a computer screen and can no longer see my typos.  There is something about looking at it in print that gives you another view.

Things are progressing, though I have this feeling it's not going fast enough.  October 1st is still my deadline for release of the eBook.  Print will come later, because I need to reformat it entirely and design the interior and back cover.

When I get bored, I keep fooling around with the cover.  Yes, I know I have one already, but I'm a Photoshop junkie of the worse kind.  I downloaded a new font today that's really curly-swirly.  I'm like a kid playing with a new toy.  I've even got stand-by covers that are totally different, too.  

Well, back to work!  I have five more chapters to run through Grammarly, and then I'm reading and holding in my hand six brand new multi-colored highlighters as I read 340 pages.  

Pray for me.