Friday, August 23, 2013

Update on The Price of Love

The Price of Love is consuming my life. This is my third round of re-reading the text and making changes. Each day I'm working on it to correct, enhance, and make it a better read. In addition, I've been running it through Grammarly (a nifty online program you should try out). 

Hopefully, by September 9th, I will have it in the hands of my beta readers and real editor extraordinaire. I am aiming at an October 1st release in eBook and October 15th release in print (or no later than 10/30). 

Editing, at this point, really takes patience. In return, I hope you will continue to be patient as I work to deliver to you a good story that will make you shed a tear at the end. I'm hoping this one won't get thrown against the wall. 

All my best,