Sunday, August 18, 2013

Finished Second Draft

I wanted to go to Cannon Beach, Oregon, and walk the shore this weekend.  But, alas, I worked on The Price of Love instead.  Finally, I finished reviewing the first draft.  And again, I came to the end and cried.

After 93,000 plus words, you really get involved in your make-believe characters and their struggles. The ending, of course, is extremely emotional.  The first three quarters of the book is merely a journey--a search for truth and identity, if you will.  The last quarter is revelation. It tells the story of lives coming back together in one colliding reunion.  It's called the climax of the novel, you know.

How do you think everyone will react with the return of Angelique?  Will hatred between the Duke and Philippe still exist? Will Philippe ever be able to forgive Suzette for her adultery?  Will Robert, find Angelique's pardon for shoving over her bassinet?  (Of course, I had to throw some humor in the mix.)

Needless to say, after a long weekend, I am a bit burned out.  Next week, I'll start running the 93,000 words through and make further revisions.  After that, I'll post again and let you know what my next steps will be.  There will probably be a third run-through before I hand it over to beta readers and editing.

Since the story concludes in Paris where it all began, I'll leave you with a quote that I found by accident. It was purely coincidental that I chose a book for Robert to read that contained the words below.

“For love is like a tree; it grows of itself; it sends its roots deep into our being, and often continues to grow green over a heart in ruins." (Victor Hugo - "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"

There are in The Price of Love, many hearts in ruin.  But it's love in the end that grows green and covers the past.